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Ridgeway Trail Partnership Update

We are pleased to form part of the group now charged with taking forward new arrangements for management and enhancement of The Ridgeway National Trail. A re-organised Oxfordshire Countryside department will continue to look after the Trail and volunteer scheme through a transition period, and probably thereafter. A new Ridgeway Trail Partnership, with membership […]

Richard Jefferies Society Birthday Lecture – 25th October

Saturday 25 October 2014 – 2.30-4.40pm
Subject: The Presence of the Past:  Richard Jefferies, the Middle Ridgeway and landscape change
Speaker: Prof. Patrick Dillon

Venue: Liddington Village Hall, Church Road, Liddington, Near Swindon SN4 0HB

Admittance: Free

Richard Jefferies’ lifetime spans a period of intensification in agriculture, culminating in ‘High Farming’, followed by one of depression. The ups and […]

The Great Stones Way Cicerone Guide published 15th July

The Great Stones Way
Avebury, Stonehenge and Salisbury
by Steve Davison
First guide to a new 36-mile trail through the Downs from Barbury Castle (near Swindon) to Old Sarum (near Salisbury). The official Way can be extended to start from Swindon, with detours to visit the Avebury Ring, Stonehenge and Marden Henge. This 50-mile route is […]

Circular Walks on The Ridgeway

There are a series of circular walks available from the National Trails website:

A small selection of the circular walks included are shown below (links open up PDF files on the National Trails website)

Devil’s Punchbowl and Segsbury Camp Circular Walk
White Horse Hill Circular Walk
Compton Circular Walk


New Management Structure for The Ridgeway

The Ridgeway Trail Partnership: The Friends of the Ridgeway AGM started with an initial open session on the current talks on a new management structure for the National Trails and for The Ridgeway.   Chairman Ian Ritchie gave us a short briefing on the progress of the New Deal proposed by Natural England, and the […]

The Ridgeway Day: 10th May

At 10.00 am on Saturday, 10th May, the Dining Hall at The Court Hill Centre was a hive of activity. Despite the ferocious weather forecast, it was sunny, breezy and bracing outside, but inside there was a hubbub of tables being moved around, chairs stacked, and exhibits unfurled and erected. Old and new friends […]

The Ridgeway Trail Partnership

A new structure for management of The Ridgeway National Trail is at last beginning to emerge.  It has been decided that The Ridgeway and the Thames Path, currently run by a single committee of all the local authorities concerned, will in future be managed separately. A new Partnership is to be set up for […]

Spring on The Ridgeway

Well, what a wash-out of a winter we had to put up with!  Almost 18 inches of rainfall over the three months, three times as much as in a “normal” year!  It is still boggy underfoot in the woodlands, and so many of the valley bottoms, but at least the streams and winterbournes, dried […]

The Deregulation Bill, 2013

The coalition Government is working up a Deregulation Bill, aimed at reducing bureaucracy, and some sections have been included relating to rights of way, etc, which may provide an opportunity to secure new legislation on the subject. At the initiative of our President, Lord Bradshaw, proposals which we supported have been put to […]

The Great Stones Way

There have been no major developments in resolving the current impasse over the route across the Vale of Pewsey. This remains an emotive issue for some local residents, but neither the local Councillors nor the officials at Wiltshire Council have been able to help resolve it. We have proposed some amendments to our preferred […]

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The Ridgeway Trail Partnership

As noted in our last issue, Natural England has announced that it would like to move to a more devolved organisation for the National Trails, with greater involvement of users and local communities. It seems likely that the current joint management structure for The Ridgeway and the Thames Path will be separated and new […]

Notes on the Herepath

Herepath is an alternative name for sections of The Ridgeway: it is Anglo-Saxon for Army Road. The greatest military activity near the trail in historic times was indeed at that period – the Romans seem to have preferred their own strategic highways. Later this year, I mean to reprint an article on Alfred and […]

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A Cockney Clerk’s Enchantment

(An article by Maurice Mendoza, first Chairman of the Friends, reprinted from Aspects of The Ridgeway)

I was first enchanted by the Ridgeway over forty years ago. I had just started as a clerk in what was then the Ancient Monuments Secretariat of the Office of Records. I had begun straight from my grammar school […]

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Coal on The Ridgeway

A colourful Ridgeway anecdote recounts  its use for the delivery of coal. The source is Highways and Byways of Berkshire  (1919). “There are men living in the Vale of White Horse now who remember the days when coal came from South Wales along the Ridgeway by waggon and the residents in the Vale sent […]

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Ballooning on the Ridgeway

1) George Graham
I’m open to informed contradiction on this, but I believe the first manned flight over The Ridgeway took place on July 16th 1824 at around 19:45. It was the first perhaps the only entirely successful flight of an accident-prone aeronaut, George Graham. The earliest balloonists had used hydrogen, hot air or lethal […]

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