The Ridgeway Trail Partnership

A new structure for management of The Ridgeway National Trail is at last beginning to emerge.  It has been decided that The Ridgeway and the Thames Path, currently run by a single committee of all the local authorities concerned, will in future be managed separately. A new Partnership is to be set up for […]

Spring on The Ridgeway

Well, what a wash-out of a winter we had to put up with!  Almost 18 inches of rainfall over the three months, three times as much as in a “normal” year!  It is still boggy underfoot in the woodlands, and so many of the valley bottoms, but at least the streams and winterbournes, dried […]

The Deregulation Bill, 2013

The coalition Government is working up a Deregulation Bill, aimed at reducing bureaucracy, and some sections have been included relating to rights of way, etc, which may provide an opportunity to secure new legislation on the subject. At the initiative of our President, Lord Bradshaw, proposals which we supported have been put to […]

The Ridgeway Trail Partnership

As noted in our last issue, Natural England has announced that it would like to move to a more devolved organisation for the National Trails, with greater involvement of users and local communities. It seems likely that the current joint management structure for The Ridgeway and the Thames Path will be separated and new […]

Autumn on the Ridgeway

To the surprise and delight of us all, 2013 presented us with a beautiful summer, with a mini-heat-wave in July, not too hot, but dry and sunny for a golden fortnight.  It was a great summer for walking, and for enjoying the views across the Vale and over the Downs.  Now, suddenly, and promptly […]